10 Free Valentine Crochet Pattern Ideas

Valentine’s Day & Crochet…What’s Not To Love?

I’ve created this short list of 10 Free Valentine Crochet Patterns to make you smile a little. Valentine’s Day as we know it, is all about sharing and spreading feelings of love. Me, being me, I can think of no better way to do that than through the medium of crochet. I’ve added their direct links to make finding them much easier too.

Cecil Gnome Heart

I start my 10 Free Valentine Crochet Patterns with these sweethearts. They are just the thing to show that special someone that you care. Alternatively, they are just a way to spread the love in your home and add a touch of whimsy. Whatever you’re looking for there seems to be a gnome to go with it.

This pattern from the very talented Jennifer Q is available through Ravelry

Valentine Bunnies

Declaring your loved doesn’t need to be a massive statement. These dinky bunnies are all that’s needed to hop right to the heart of the matter. As a bonus, you can use up your yarn stash as they only use less than 50m of DK yarn.

Look for Anisbee’s designs on Ravelry or click here to go directly to this pattern

Love To Cuddle Crochet Pillow

Love To Cuddle Pillow

How about showing your home some love this Valentine’s Day with this classy pillow.

Gentle shades of peaches and cream add to the softness of this beautiful pattern. The use of a velvet yarn, supplement this pillows tactile nature and add an extra dimension of interest.

If you’re looking for an intermediate pattern to challenge your skills, check out this pattern from Ali at The Turtle Trunk.

Valentine Heart Hat

If you are like me and wear your heart on your sleeve, you can also wear it on your head! This easy pattern comes in 4 sizes (Baby, Toddler, Child & Adult) so if you fancy a matching (Mommy & Me) set this pattern is ideal.

Kimberly from Lakeside Loops makes this pattern easy and fun to follow. Made in Chunky yarn means it works up quickly too. Click here for the pattern and don’t forget to check out Kimberly’s other designs.

Heart Coaster

If you just want to cheer yourself up or spread some love in your office you could do no better than these adorable heart shaped coasters. I truly admire the crisp simplicity of this design and the fact that you can throw them in the washer when they get a little grubby is great too.

Another stash buster pattern (those in the photo are made from 100% Cotton, Aran weight yarn) you can easily match the coasters to your favourite mug or your decor. Ling Ryan at Hooked On Patterns has added plenty of photos in her easy to follow guide.

Simple Heart Mug Cozy

Who doesn’t love a good cuppa? Be it your favourite Mocha, Latte, Cappuccino or a good old cup of tea, there is nothing better than cupping your hands around your mug.

This is a way to give your mug a hug too! Mug cozies can add a little personality to your daily (or hourly) hot beverage and save you the downside of scalded fingers.

Check out my free pattern here.

Heart Keychain/Bag Charm

If you are looking for something a little more classic then this extra sweet puffed heart could be right up your street.

Detail is key for this beautiful, delicate looking charm with an appliqué flower and button you which means you can add your own individual flair to your project.

Fair warning, this pattern works from a chart so if that isn’t your thing you might want to look elsewhere but believe me, it’s worth the effort.

Check out Anabelia Hand Made for this design.

Heart Doily

I know this might appear a little old fashioned but there is still a place in our hearts (pun intended) and homes for this genteel ornamentation.

In an age where afternoon tea has had a massive resurgence I fully believe there is space for these decorative jewels.

Markova Olga has designed these amazing doilies and made the pattern free on Ravelry.

Rose Basket

Super Easy Crochet Roses

No Valentine’s Day would be complete without at least one rose. So I thought I’d add my own easy crochet rose into the mix.

Simple enough for even a novice crocheter these flowers soon become addictive. I’ve made bookmarks, bag charms, key rings and garlands out them. I’ve also added them to blankets for a romantic touch.

An everlasting bouquet that can match any mood or decor. Find my pattern here.

Puppy Love By The Krafty Kitty

Puppy Love

Who can resist this adorable little Amigurumi puppy.

Packed full of cuteness he is sure to win the heart of anyone who meets him. Add to that he’s dinky enough to put your pocket, and there’s not cleaning up either!

Show Melissa from The Crafty Kitty some love and check out her sweet pattern.

Knitted Mug Cozy

So I know I said there were 10 Crochet patterns here, and there are! But I had to find space to add this knitted mug cozy from Anya Lomakina.

I’m a sucker for simplicity and this mug cozy embodies all that I adore in easygoing yarny goodness. And it’s another stash buster, using only 20m of any Aran weight yarn. You could go nuts and have a whole range of them in all your favourite colours!

Check out Anys’pattern at Ravelry.

I hope you have enjoyed my round up of 10 Free Valentine Crochet Patterns, (with one knitted pattern just for fun). If there are any more lists you’d like to see or another topic you would like me to cover, please drop me a message and I’ll see what I can do. I’m always up for a challenge.

Until Next time,

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