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This year more than most we have so many things to be grateful for. There are a great many people we need to thank for the little things they do, that in more ordinary circumstances would go unnoticed. So I wanted to give you a crafty way to spread the love that doesn’t break the bank.

As Valentine’s Day (or the Feast of Saint Valentine if you’d like to be more formal) is fast approaching, I thought it might be nice to show some appreciation to those people who make our own lives and worlds better just by being in it.

Who Would You Choose?

We all have someone in our lives who makes getting up in the morning worthwhile. Some of us are a blessed with more than one. That amazing someone who we love, respect, admire etc. But how often do we take the time to tell, or better still, show them how much they mean to us? Or, do we just expect them to know it? Do we just hope they understand?

Well, with all this free time we have (being in lockdown, at least I am in Scotland!) wouldn’t it be nice to use some of that to make something that shows your special someone (or more than one someone) just how much they mean to you and spread the love.

Find Yourself a Container

I’m a bit of a hoarder. I have a few (a lot of) empty jars that I keep around “just in case”. They are old candle jars, jam jars and even some pretty gift boxes that I’ve held on to for a rainy day. So I suppose I was looking for something to use them for and I came across an idea that means we can spread the love and ditch the clutter at the same time.

Find Yourself Some Paper Too!

The paper doesn’t need to be pretty or colourful but bonus points if it is. Feel free to make it pretty if you can (break out the old wrapping paper and the coloured pencils/crayons etc if you have them). Cut your paper into strips that are big enough to take a line of written text then unleash your imagination!

Think about it

Start by making a list of all the things, both big and small, that you love, admire and respect, about the person your jar is intended for. I really enjoy this part because I get to relive lots of joyful times.

Now, take your slips of paper and write down every one of those awesome, amazing and marvellous things on it’s own slip. Please don’t panic if your hand writing isn’t beautiful (mine is atrocious), all it has to be legible, because with this gift it truly is the sentiment that counts.

Don’t worry if you think what you’re writing is silly. It just might be those silly little things that make your persons day! When you’re done, fold the slip neatly and pop it in the jar, then just keep going until you’ve run out of ideas. Trust me, when you start the ideas just keep on coming.

Happiness Jar

This little jar is a reminder to that person that they matter. So, when they have a low day (or hour, or however long it lasts) they can take a little note out of their jar and see that who they are and what they do makes a difference. We could all use a bit of that now and again.

Hold It!

On that note, If you think you could use some reminding of how amazing and worthy you are, then why not make a little jar of happy just for you. You could put in things you’re grateful for or things you enjoy doing in there, or even things you’d like to do in the further. Things you like about yourself too! You deserve to feel loved too so fill that jar with your greatness!

Keep some slips of paper around, then, when you’re having a good day and you think of something you’d like to be reminded of, write it down and pop it in your jar. That way your jars will never be empty!

Hints for Your Notes

I admire: How hard you work
The way you never give up
Your passion for [subject]

I love: Your smile
Your laugh
The way you smile when you dance

I respect: How you stand up for yourself
The way you speak out about [subject]
Your right to be unashamedly yourself

You make me laugh when you:
Apologise to inanimate objects
Trip over fresh air
Jump at the same places in movies you’ve already seen

I like the way you:
Kiss my forehead
Get completely lost in a song/book/movie
Get excited about [subject]

The list is as limitless as your feelings for your chosen person, so go to town!

Lucky Stars

If you’re feeling adventurous you could even fold your paper strips into little stars like this.

Lucky Stars

I won’t lie, these stars are a bit of a fiddle to begin with but it gets easier the more of them you make. I spent a lovely morning making these and I even roped my son into helping!

This is a great, cost effective, fun and crafty way to show people how much they mean to us. Get as many people as you like involved, be that for writing the notes, folding the stars or decorating the containers. Everyone can craft, no matter how “un-crafty” they may feel so don’t be shy. And remember, you don’t have to wait for Valentine’s Day to spread the love, there are 364 other days this year too!

Until Next time,

Be productive, be brilliant, be kind.


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