The “Gazania” Christening Shawl

Big Make of the Month

This month my big make was this stunning Gazania crochet circular shawl. I used a beautiful antique pattern first published in a pamphlet from 1917, how amazing is that? Making something designed over a century ago, what a privilege!

100 Years in the Making


No, it didn’t take me that long, however it was a pretty challenging design. Thankfully crochet pattern writing conventions have changed drastically over the last 100 years, but looking at the pattern I’m sure you can tell how easy it would be to get confused.

Big Mistake

Shawl Centre Section

But I have to admit making this Gazania Shawl wasn’t all plain sailing. I got all the way to round 48 before I realised I had made a mistake. It turned out that I was two stitches short on one of my rounds, which I’ll admit doesn’t sound like much but I had to frog (rip out) 34 rounds to put my mistake right. Let me say that was not a good morning to be around me! I was super grumpy. It took two very late nights to get myself back on track, which is a practice I wouldn’t recommend.

Hard Work Pays Off

Gazania Shawl

Attention to detail and concentration are so important when it comes to projects like these. It is impossible to hide even a little mistake in something this precise, it screams out at you to fix it. Perfectionism, which is a massive drawback in other parts of my life, actually works in my favour when it comes to my crocheting. My hard work definitely payed off on this precious Gazania Shawl, I’m super proud of how amazing it turned out.

The Specifics

Okay, so you might want some of the particulars of this project. First of all you can find the free pattern here. I used 100% cotton Drops Safran 4ply yarn in white and a 3mm hook. It was wet blocked for 24 hours after completion to maintain it’s shape.

If you’re not a crocheter and you’d like to order the Gazania Shawl you can go to my nuMonday shop here.

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