Can We Call It Spring Yet?

Spring is my favourite season of them all. I always think it’s full of promise and hope, this year in particular we could use some of that. So, as we shrug and stretch our way out of the dark winter we can welcome the light and colour that spring brings our way.

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Full disclosure, I’m not the greatest gardener but I really enjoy watching the gardens come to life. We are privileged to share a street with some super, green fingered neighbours. So watching as the snowdrops, crocuses and soon the daffodils begin to bloom is a beautiful . The riot of colour after the starkness of winter is always such a welcome sight.

Blooming lovely

That said, even though I may not have the most colourful garden in my street, I can still make flowers bloom in other ways. Yep, you’ve guessed it…CROCHET!

Scrap Yarn Stash

Crochet is amazing for giving you lots ways to use up what would otherwise be scrap yarn. Flowers are a fantastic illustration of what you can make with yarn you would usually throw away. So, with a little imagination, you can create the most beautiful, eclectic and exotic range of flowers imaginable, all from bits and pieces of yarn left at the bottom of your basket.

Pick and Mix

Thankfully for us, there are an almost endless supply of glorious and colourful flowers for you to choose from, like dainty daisies, sunflowers, lilies, roses and even orchids, there is something for everyone. In addition to a whole range of fantasy flowers that any botanist would envy. So you can create a bountiful bouquet or just use them to brighten up a dull sweater, make a hair clip or something more extravagant.

Miracle Grow

Another bonus is these flower projects don’t take long to complete. That way you can have a whole display in just a few hours. There’s no need to wait for the sun to shine to fill your home with all the colours of Spring!

These quick, pretty, cheerful projects are a brilliant use of your time and your left over yarn. Don’t be afraid to give them a try, you won’t be disappointed.

Here are some of my favourite (and free) patterns.

From Sisters In Stitch The LA Sunflower and The Loopy Little Flower.
A simple flower from MJ at The Autumn Berry Flower from Jenny Dickens (at Ravelry). Super Easy Rose from ME!

Until Next time,

Be productive, be brilliant, be kind.


Vivienne x

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