A Search for Comfort

Comfort is Key

Hi all and Happy New Year to you. I wanted to share something with you that I’ve only just realised.  After 47 years on this earth I’ve come to a conclusion. When times are tough, or the world outside is pushing its scary face too close to your window, what we cling to is comfort.

Comfortable Things

As a result, we search for comfortable things like warm drinks, hearty food, big hugs, cozy jumpers and squidgy blankets to snuggle under together.  And let’s face it, this is a scary time.  It would be entirely understandable and all too easy, to fall into a winter funk, when faced with dark and gloomy days or the even more dark and gloomy news that we are bombarded with.

The Warmth is Out There

So I’ve been filling my time looking at all the warm, hearty, big, cozy and squidgy things I’ve been making or seeing, and taking comfort from them.  Consequently, knowing that something I’ve made is out in the world bringing warmth and comfort to someone else brings its own kind of contentment.

What Next

Now, go look out that chunky jumper that’s two sizes too big, the fluffy socks and your favourite blanket. Stick the kettle on and while it’s boiling find a classic movie to watch.  Tell your old stories of snow days and reminisce about better times.  Or even better, plan for some better times to come. Most of all, do what makes you happy. Don’t feel guilty about  the things you’re not doing.  As my mum says “the hoosework will be there when you’re no”… For the non-Scots reading this, that means, there will still be chores to do when we’re long gone so doing it or not makes no real difference.  Sometimes our souls need a hug too.

Soft Things in Hard Times

We need to remember that, even in tough times (especially in tough times), we can get through this.  We call upon our family and friends and our own reserves of strength to push through the hardest parts and we help each other to see the light.

Until Next time,

Be productive, be brilliant, be kind.


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