12 Free Easter Crochet Patterns

Easter is a great time to pick up your crochet hook and make something fun. Here is a list of 12 free Easter crochet patterns to whet your appetite.

12 Free Easter Crochet Patterns

Here are 12 fun and quirky crochet patterns to sharpen your skills and raise a smile.

1 – Stanley Duck

This pattern is amazing.

Not only do you get step by step instructions but there is also a video tutorial if you’re a more visual learner.

I also love the mixture of yarns and textures that ChiWei at One Dog Woof has dabbled with. You can really add personality to this handsome with just your yarn choice.

Take a look at her excellent pattern here.

2 – Crochet Bunny Hat Pattern

Just to show it’s not all about Amigurumi here is a very cute bunny hat complete with the most endearing floopy ears you’ve ever seen.

created by Jess at the Make And Do Crew this pattern is easy to follow and quick to make. It also comes in five child sizes so everyone can have one. (I imagine it wouldn’t be too difficult to adapt it to adult size to if you were so inclined)

Check out their wonderful website here.

Chubby Bunny

3 – Chubby Bunny Pattern

Isn’t this pattern utterly charming! Cute and simple with scope for adding personal touches it just ticks all the right boxes.

Lauren from A menagerie of Stitches gives clear instructions on this well written pattern and as with Stanley (above) you can watch a video tutorial too. She really has thought of everything.

If this chubby creation is what your Easter has been looking for click here and let Lauren take you through it.

4 – Easter Bunny Potholder

Here is something a little different.

Tapestry crochet is great fun, even if it can be little bit fiddly. Swapping yarns can get you in an awful fankle (good Scottish word, meaning tangle) but the effort is worth the risk.

This potholder would make a great first project and it’s amazingly cute and useful too. Choose a colour that matches your kitchen or your mood and give it a go.

Take a look at the free pattern here and show Raffaelle at Raffamussa Designs some love.

Crochet Easter Eggs

5 – Easter Eggs

If you are looking for something simple and effective for your Easter decorations this year then look no further.

These crochet Easter eggs are perfect for a table display or for adding to an Easter themed wreath.

There is also plenty of opportunities for you to make these your own by adding stripes or playing with yarn/hook sizes etc.

Check out Brittany at Bhooked for this brilliant pattern and so much more.

6 – Garden Dreams Square

Spring says flowers to me and this beautiful square speaks of gentle blossoms and the return of colour to our gardens and outdoor spaces.

A stunning take on the traditional granny square, I can imagine how breath taking a whole blanket of these would be.

Hailee Lynn at Knotted Up In String has certainly created a little crochet magic. Find the free pattern here.

Bobble Sheep Free Crochet Pattern

7 – Bobble Sheep Pattern

While not strictly Easter themed I think this fellow looks much more lamby than sheepy! and spring lambs are very Easter season.

Anyway this lovely pattern comes to you from Shannon at The Loophole Fox and she has taken every care to make sure her pattern is well explained and easy to follow. While the skill level is intermediate It would be a great pattern to help you upgrade. Please don’t let the skill level put you off. Take a chance…I believe in you.

If bobbles are your thing you can find the pattern here.

8 – Crochet Tulips

Tulips are one my sisters favourite flowers so I couldn’t pass up the chance to mix her favourite things and mine.

These are super cute and simple and Gayathri at the Yarn Bowl Crochet takes you through every step to creating these everlasting blooms. There is even another video tutorial.

This pattern also calls for a hot glue gun and some wooden skewers to create the finished article but tightly rolled scrap paper, PVA glue and patience have worked for me in the past (even if it was a bit messy). Find the pattern here.

9 – Crochet Easter Basket

I don’t know about you but I love new and inventive ways of packaging gifts and this pattern plays right into my hands.

A great way to gift Easter treats for your loved ones and useful storage when the season is over. Imagine these filled with crayons or pencils when all the chocolate has magicaly disappeared.

Take a look at Nezhlya and Tidzhen beautiful pattern here at the Passionate Crafter

10 – Pocket Pal Bunny

Who wouldn’t want a pocket sized buddy to keep them company?

Sara at Accessorize This Designs has created this (and other) 5 inch pocket pals as a take anywhere addition to the family.

Made with chunky chenille yarn they work up in not time and are sure to be hit with everyone.

Check out her blog here.

Spring Flower Garland

11 – Spring Flower Garland

After making a plan to write a new pattern every month, I couldn’t let this opportunity pass me by. I had to write a Springtime pattern of my own.

Instead of buying something to cheer up my craft room I decided to make something to brighten things up on these dreich days. Flowers always make me smile so I came up with a seven petal flower. I fixed it to a basic crochet cord and hey presto I have this sweet spring flower garland to drape across my yarn storage,

Check out the Spring Flower Garland in my patterns page here.

Chicken Little Free Crochet Pattern

12 – Chicken Little

Though I like to stick to independent designers when I choose to share these lists, I couldn’t resist this little chicken.

Okay, it’s partly down to the balance challenged photo and anyone who knows me will understand why 😉 But also because it’s just incredibly cute!

If you have been captured by this diminutive chic (the one in the photo, not me LOL.) then follow this link to the pattern.

There you have my list of 12 free Easter crochet patterns all ready and waiting for you to pick up a hook and make something wonderful.

All the talent and dedication of these designers makes me so grateful and humble that they choose to share their work for free. Knowing personally how much time and testing creating a pattern takes, I understand what a true gift they are.

Thanks also go to you for reading to the end. If you enjoyed this blog why not have a look at some of my previous work here. If there are any topics you would like me to cover in a future posts, drop me a comment and I’ll add them to my list.

Until Next time,

Be productive, be brilliant, be kind.


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