10 Favourite Crochet Summer Shawls

Some of you may have noticed that I added a #Trending Tuesday to my social media posts recently. With that in mind I thought it might be nice to tie in a blog post in order to give you a more detailed idea of what these trends are. This is my chance to highlight some of the amazing designs I’ve discovered while researching each new trend.

The most recent trend I’ve found is Crochet Summer Shawls. There are no end of stunning patterns to choose from, with a brilliant range of colours and stitches involved. I struggled to narrow it down to just ten because, honestly, there are thousands out there! Here they are and the links to find them.

Bonus…all these patterns are free! Just click on the photo to follow the link (opens in new window).

Crochet Summer Shawls

1. Gardenia Shawl

A beautiful lace shawl with a gracefully cured shape and pineapple border. Made in light, fingering (lace) weight cotton yarn it has amazing drape and soft feel.

2. Lattice Lace Wrap

A pretty geometric lace pattern that is simple and versatile. Team it with a t-shirt and jeans for the daytime or a sweet summer dress that can take you into the evening.

3. Summer Nights Shawl

A stunning example of the summer shawl and the perfect accessory to make the most of your outdoor entertaining. This is made in Lion Brand Mandala yarn (Valkyrie colour way shown) which produces an amazing effect.

4. Slice of Summer

This shawl offers lots of interest both with colour and texture. Bobbles, lace stitches and coloured stripes…the options are infinite.

5. Little Fictions

This is a deceptively simple pattern, the variegated yarn adding depth and interest. Light and airy it works as a wrap for summer or a triangle scarf when the cooler weather comes.

6. Tropical Breeze

An easy to wear open work shawl with a wide wing-span it’s the perfect combination of pretty and practical.

7. The Virus Shawl

Though unfortunately named for the current crisis, this lovely pattern is made from one ball of Caron Cakes yarn (Faerie Cakes colour way). It reminds me of the beautiful shades of sea and sky.

8. Jaycee Butterfly Shawl

Butterflies are a sign of friendship and adapting, theses amazing insects have so much to teach us. Variegated yarn adds another dimension to this stunning pattern.

9. Bridal Shawl

It may be called the bridal shawl but it’s perfect for any special occasion or for those with a romantic nature. Imagine it in the shade of your favourite dress.

10. The Daydream Shawl

A bit of a wild card in the pack, this Tunisian crochet shawl gives you a little boho chic in your wardrobe. Heavier than the others in this list it suits the cooler climate of my native Scotland.

I hope this list gave you a small flavour of the amazing range of summer wraps and shawls available in the crochet world. There truly is something out there for every occasion, climate, and individual taste.

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